A letter to the masses... why be separate when we can be together?

A letter to the masses... why be separate when we can be together?

The Bay Area is filled with incredible people and organizations that are working tirelessly to make a difference in the world. However, many times these organizations work in isolation, not realizing the potential they have to collaborate and create even more powerful change. We combined, are the experienced liaisons and bridges to the new work and skill force to the old.

That's why we're excited to announce the launch of a new initiative called the Journey To The Dream. This project brings together four amazing organizations - Holy Stitch! Factory Fellowship, The Two Eighty Project, Mommas House Inc, and The BAKARI. Company - to create jobs and educate people living in the Bay area who have been marginalized by society. With a fiscal sponsorship with The Luggage Store Gallery we are committed to making ourselves and all materials 100% transparent from start to finish monetary or creative. We offer apprenticeships, internships as well as classes on how to sew denim, using old world techniques that will serve as an alternative or supplement for those interested in pursuing a career in fashion.

Together, we stand under the principles of food, clothing, shelter, financial literacy, family and culture. We're combining our resources, talents, networks, and communities to create a space where residential meets education, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and design. With a track record of over 15 years of industry and community leadership experience it is time we change the current paradigm inthis unique time of change we are all living in.

This unique combination will help heal the current and future problems of the Bay Area community. By working together, we can provide the community with the education and skills they need to succeed in the workforce and build a better future for themselves and their actual community.

We are asking for donations and/or sponsorships but that is coming at the end!

Collectively we are tired of not knowing who is making our goods and providing our services to only NOT help our own community but to make others rich. Journey to the Dream is combining new-school technologies and old-world skills to connect the new meta-reality with the present one through education, manufacturing, design, agriculture, creative expression, research, development & production in order to be a more sustainable company. There will be an emphasis on educating people about sustainability while creating products and services that will make you feel good inside and out. 

The first step was opening up our doors online but the end goal is a full on manufacturing facillity that is off the grid, fully tourable and transparent for the masses and local touring public. Think the Ice Cream Museum but actully educating you and manufacturing items as if they were Willy Wonka but no Oompa Loompas. Imagine charging a battery via a bike to the charge the whole factory and earn free clothing and exercise...the rich and homeless both benefit, but that's just the only idea we're willing share here.

And now we are launching a new program that will provide free education to create sustainable jobs in the multiple industries. Journey to the dream offers an inside look into how clothes are made with hands on training within the supply chains. Participants will also learn about design theory, garment production methods, trade agreements, blockchain and more. This course is open to anyone - not just designers or factory workers - but those who want to be a part of the change in manufacturing practices, think designers, machinists, educators, printers, chefs and more. The goal of the program is not only to provide hands-on experience but also to help create a community of people who can come together every day at the factory as they work on their own garments or other projects through free workshops. After funding, machinery and factory space is secured we will be able to offer this program free of cost, but we need your help and not just monetarily, reading this far is even appreciated but action will be reciprocated.


Together we can make this happen, if you have any questions, feel free to email info@journeytothedream.com. But most importantly, please donate and share this page with your friends and family to help us reach our goal!


Thank you for your time!









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