Consistency and Determination

Consistency and Determination

We all have came from some kind of sperm cell. Regardless of the relationship for the most part you did come from a male and yea...I am a father and been for a bunch of years or rather like 9. I love and deplore parts of it but it far surpasses being in the club and searching for the love that is lacking within when it is right in front of my face.

It has been a journey to come to this point of celebration of life where I fully trust in the process and acknowledge who I am with a humble awareness.

Raising a family has allowed the apple to fall far and close to the tree to say the most and least in the same sentence. I have been sewing jeans 6 years before my first child was born and them jean ain't ever talk back!!!

On September 11 200 something i registered my first business and the day after my 21st birthday I turned on my first sewing machine and sewed my first pair of jeans. This shit is super a simulation and game of repetition. This time it is not for the vein of self ie. ego but for love and platform built with my very own hands. Literally nothing into something and I officially feel like I just am starting.

Between all these platforms to share my mind and ideas I will be here just brain dumping and reinforcing the items being sold and taught on here. 

Up above is me looking out of the window of The Luggage Store Gallery just being in the moment. A very surreal manifestation of life and a story just coming from the root to sprout to the collective to become the fruit. 

Grow seed grow.

Why do it that when its only my way regardless of what I do.