story time

story time

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you a story of a visionary designer, Jin. Born from a cosmic egg and raised on a planet where his people were one with nature, made of pure light. Jin had an intuition for denim, a fabric that was unknown to his people, yet he was drawn to it and started to experiment with it.

Jin's reckless behavior led to a catastrophic event that forced him and a few others to flee their planet on a spaceship. After a long journey through the galaxy, they landed on Earth, specifically in Japan.

As a child, Jin had a vision of a serpent consuming itself, a symbol of infinity and cyclical existence. This insight, along with his study of ancient wisdom, teachings of sacred geometry and principles of the Book of Five Rings and Hagakure, taught him the importance of living in the moment and dedicating oneself fully to one's craft. As a god among his people, Jin had the ability to play with planets like marbles, using the colors of light they emitted to compose poetry and communicate with other celestial bodies.

Jin's mother, an artist and a black sheep, had fled her dreams in Japan for America, a place that became both a dream and a nightmare for her. Her struggle to find her place in a new culture greatly influenced Jin, who began to apply principles of strategy and perspective to his designs, always seeking to understand the wearer and create garments that were not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

Feeling that something was missing, Jin made a pilgrimage to San Francisco, where he immersed himself in the denim culture. There, he found what he had been looking for, the spirit of denim that had been lost during the industrial revolution. Jin opened a school and factory, where he passed on his knowledge and skills to a new sect of youth, who were eager to learn and be a part of this journey. Jin returned to Kumamoto, with renewed energy and a clear vision, and opened his workshop once again. He created garments that were not just clothes, but also a way of life, a true work of art, transcending time and space.

This collection is not just a fashion line, it's a historical narrative, a harmonious blend of science, art, spirituality, and tradition. We invite you to discover and be a part of this intergalactic journey through fashion. Thank you.