As a father, I often feel like I'm constantly struggling to do it all. I want to take care of my family and provide for them, but I also need to make time for my business. And sometimes it feels like my partner hates me. She's always telling me that I'm not doing enough, and she's pregnant now so it's even harder. I sometimes feel unappreciated and overwhelmed. I'm trying to be a good father, but it's hard to juggle everything at once. It's especially difficult when there are times that my business requires more attention than usual. At the end of the day, I want nothing more than for my family to be happy and healthy. But sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I try, it's never enough. That really takes a toll on me emotionally. But as a father, I know that what's important is doing what is best for my family in the long-term, even if it means sacrificing some moments with them now. As much as I hate feeling disconnected from them and overlooked, I know that in the long run, they'll be better off if I'm successful. So while the journey may be difficult and overwhelming at times, I'm determined to make it work. After all, family always comes first. At the end of the day, it's all about striking a balance between taking care of my family and running a business. I may not always get it right, but as long as I keep trying, I know that everything will eventually fall into place. Thanks for reading... Julian Prince Dash Father & Entrepreneur