Being a robot versus using one…

Being a robot versus using one…

A robot once said an answer and human believed it so it proceeded to do what the robot said. The human also designed the robot to be just like him and respond as IF it was him but it wasn’t. 

so who is acting like who?


When it comes to making jeans this is a similar type of scenario of chicken or egg or art or production. 

Everything is to be inspired from and a source of reference whether you want to admit it or not. For better or for worse. In Holy Stitch! we believe that the best designer is Mother and Father Nature. Period point blank. There is no other. 

So who is copying who? Do you think birds copy planes or we just are inspired by them only? 

See what I mean?

So when it comes to making jeans grab Inspiration  from any and everywhere and use it. Become it. But with a lack of respect you are left to be like someone else that’s not you. 

Take care and be well to yourself.



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